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About Us

Cardinal & Glidden Oil Company

We are a small, local, family-owned and operated home heating services company that will provide you prompt, old fashioned and dependable service on anything related to your oil-burning system. (And we do it with a smile, too!).

Our Team

Chris Glidden, Owner


As Cardinal & Glidden's operational head, Chris oversees our day-to-day service functions with one goal in mind - delivering a superior customer experience to our clients!

Sheila Gray, Office Manager


Sheila handles all the behind-the-scenes office activities that help our company and our staff operate as efficiently as possible so we can focus on our number one priority - serving you!

Karen, Sales & Customer Service


Questions about your delivery or service appointment? Karen handles all of our operational scheduling and is always happy to answer our clients' questions.

Bethany, Sales & Customer Service


Along with greeting clients who come to visit, Bethany also handles payments and general customer inquiries.