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About Us

Cardinal & Glidden Oil Company

We are a small, local, family-owned and operated home heating services company that will provide you prompt, old fashioned and dependable service on anything related to your oil-burning system. (And we do it with a smile, too!).

Our Team

Chris Glidden, Owner


As Cardinal & Glidden's operational head, Chris oversees our day-to-day service functions with one goal in mind - delivering a superior customer experience to our clients!

Sheila Gray, General Manager


Sheila handles all the behind-the-scenes office activities that help our company and our staff operate as efficiently as possible so we can focus on our number one priority - serving you!

Karen, Oil Manager


Questions about your delivery? Karen handles all of our operational scheduling and is always happy to answer our clients' questions.

Bethany, Service Manager


Bethany heads up our service department. Whether you need an annual tune up or have an emergency, Bethany will make sure our techs have you up and running.