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Heating Fuel Delivery

With 130,000 gallons of bulk heating fuel storage located right here in Farmington, we have positioned ourselves to be able to handle our clients' needs through any severe weather, unforeseen supply chain interruptions and pricing uncertainties. When you work with Cardinal & Glidden, you are working with a proven history of reliable and dependable service. We are here for you!

Our Delivery Trucks

Our trucks are well-maintained and equipped to handle all the different types of weather our region throws at us. Our experienced drivers work with us year after year and they get to know the specific delivery requirements of each of our clients and their property. We equip our delivery vehicles with chains and high-quality tires to make it easier for our drivers to get to you - no matter the road conditions!

Storage Facility

Our bulk storage facility is located right here in Farmington and is capable of holding 130,000 gallons of product. This means that we are able to store oil locally, keep our trucks filled through any weather, and keep our delivery operations running even through unforeseen problems.